Human rights humanise you: Hungund Featured

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Written by  Published in National Issues Thursday, 15 January 2015 15:09

Member (Judicial) of Karnataka State Human Rights Commission C.G. Hungund on Saturday said that awareness of human rights would make the society more humane. Speaking at programme to create awareness about human rights by St. Agnes College and Human Rights Federation of India, Mr. Hungund regretted that in the era of globalisation and liberalisation, people were becoming less humane. “In such a situation, people would do well to understand the fact that we have many human rights – bestowed to us with birth not by any statute or Constitution,” he said.

Police accused

He said most cases of human rights violations were registered against the police – who have the powers to protect people. In Bangalore, violations by the force were much more than in the rural areas. While about 60 per cent of the violations in Bangalore were against the police, elsewhere the rate was about 50 per cent. He advised people to take their grievances to the officials first and report it to the commission only if they failed to get their rights fulfilled from them.

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