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First Manufacturing Men's No Rival Motorcycle Vest


First Manufacturing Men's No Rival Motorcycle Vest

Product description

Mens Motorcycle Platinum Thick Leather Collarless son of anarcy Gunpocket vestSon of anarchy Platinum Skin leather vest. The price is more because of the skin. It's platinum Leather

  • 1.4mm Platinum cowhide
  • Club style vest with two front snap pockets and two slash pockets
  • Covered snaps and hidden zipper, featuring our easy access carry pocket
  • Blacked out hardware with cropped center zippers
  • Interior cell phone pocket and single panel back
  • Concealed carry pockets with our unique bullet snaps

  • Men's Jackets and VestsPlease refer to this chart to ensure you have ordered the correct size. All measurements are in inches.
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    First Manufacturing Men's No Rival Motorcycle Vest


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