4010 Fan Long-awaited 24V 40x40x10MM DC Cooling for 3D Circle Printer Printer,4010,for,www.humanrightscouncil.in,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Cooling,/detent311178.html,Fan,Circle,DC,24V,40x40x10MM,Fan,Fan,3D,$9 Printer,4010,for,www.humanrightscouncil.in,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Cooling,/detent311178.html,Fan,Circle,DC,24V,40x40x10MM,Fan,Fan,3D,$9 4010 Fan Long-awaited 24V 40x40x10MM DC Cooling for 3D Circle Printer $9 4010 Fan 24V 40x40x10MM DC Cooling Fan Circle Fan for 3D Printer Electronics Computers Accessories $9 4010 Fan 24V 40x40x10MM DC Cooling Fan Circle Fan for 3D Printer Electronics Computers Accessories

4010 Fan Long-awaited 24V 40x40x10MM DC Cooling for 3D Fashion Circle Printer

4010 Fan 24V 40x40x10MM DC Cooling Fan Circle Fan for 3D Printer


4010 Fan 24V 40x40x10MM DC Cooling Fan Circle Fan for 3D Printer

Product description

Creality Ender 3 4010 Blower Fan 40x40x10MM 24V DC Cooling Fan and 24V Circle Fan for 3D Printer Parts

Cooling Fan:
Volume: 4010
Weight: 0.039KG
Type: blowers, humidifiers
Bearings: Oil-bearing
Operation Voltage: DC 24V
Use For :Creality Ender 3

Package Included:
1x 4010 Blower Fan
1x Circle Fan

4010 Fan 24V 40x40x10MM DC Cooling Fan Circle Fan for 3D Printer

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