KidKraft Wooden Step 'N Store Stool Hidden with Handles Stor and Outlet sale feature $21 KidKraft Wooden Step 'N Store Stool with Handles and Hidden Stor Home Kitchen Furniture $21 KidKraft Wooden Step 'N Store Stool with Handles and Hidden Stor Home Kitchen Furniture Home Kitchen , Furniture,Handles,KidKraft,and,Stor,Store,Wooden,Stool,Hidden,,with,/agrostological311607.html,Step,$21,'N Home Kitchen , Furniture,Handles,KidKraft,and,Stor,Store,Wooden,Stool,Hidden,,with,/agrostological311607.html,Step,$21,'N KidKraft Wooden Step 'N Store Stool Hidden with Handles Stor and Outlet sale feature

KidKraft Wooden Step 'N Store Stool Hidden Credence with Handles Stor and Outlet sale feature

KidKraft Wooden Step 'N Store Stool with Handles and Hidden Stor


KidKraft Wooden Step 'N Store Stool with Handles and Hidden Stor

Product description

Product Description

KidKraft's Step 'N Store Step Stool brings kids one step closer to independence and difficult-to-reach objects. With extra storage capacity, the top step conveniently lifts up with a special safety hinge to protect little fingers from getting caught. Sturdily constructed with a low center of gravity, and with thoughtful hand-holds on the sides to simplify carrying and moving, the Step 'N Store is available in a myriad of colors, based on availability.About KidKraft KidKraft is a leading creator, manufacturer, and distributor of children's furniture, toy, gift and room accessory items. KidKraft's headquarters in Dallas, Texas, serve as the nerve center for the company's design, operations and distribution networks. With the company mission emphasizing quality, design, dependability and competitive pricing, KidKraft has consistently experienced double-digit growth. It's a name parents can trust for high-quality, safe, innovative children's toys and furniture. Choose from your favorite colors! Dimensions: 14L x 12.75W x 10H inches. Lid lifts for extra storage capacity. Constructed with a low center of gravity, hard to tip. Built-in hand-holds. Several color options, based on availability. Solid wood construction.

From the Manufacturer

KidKraft's Step 'n Store brings kids one step closer to independence and difficult to reach objects. With extra storage capacity, the top step conveniently lifts up with a special safety hinge to protect little fingers from getting caught. Sturdily constructed with a low center of gravity, and with thoughtful hand holds on the sides to simplify carrying and moving

KidKraft Wooden Step 'N Store Stool with Handles and Hidden Stor

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