$4 VSEER 3FT SPT-2 18AWG 125V 10A Angled 2-Slot Non-Polarized Angle Electronics Accessories Supplies 2-Slot,18AWG,Angled,VSEER,$4,125V,3FT,www.humanrightscouncil.in,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,Angle,SPT-2,Non-Polarized,10A,/Elizabethan311139.html $4 VSEER 3FT SPT-2 18AWG 125V 10A Angled 2-Slot Non-Polarized Angle Electronics Accessories Supplies VSEER 3FT SPT-2 18AWG 125V 10A High order Angle Non-Polarized 2-Slot Angled VSEER 3FT SPT-2 18AWG 125V 10A High order Angle Non-Polarized 2-Slot Angled 2-Slot,18AWG,Angled,VSEER,$4,125V,3FT,www.humanrightscouncil.in,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,Angle,SPT-2,Non-Polarized,10A,/Elizabethan311139.html

VSEER 3FT SPT-2 18AWG 125V 10A High order Angle Award Non-Polarized 2-Slot Angled

VSEER 3FT SPT-2 18AWG 125V 10A Angled 2-Slot Non-Polarized Angle


VSEER 3FT SPT-2 18AWG 125V 10A Angled 2-Slot Non-Polarized Angle

Product description


18 AWG Universal Power Cord (IEC320 C7 to Nema 1-15P)

Replacement for most models of desktop PC computer, scanner, printer, LED TV monitor, projector, powered speakers, laser printer, Apple TV, PS4, PS3 Slim PS2 and more
Heavy duty 18 AWG cord features a fully molded design for maximum durability and long life.
The female connector plugs directly into the device while the male connector plugs into a standard outlet.

Non-polarized Power Cord
This is a non-polarized power cord, please check your device before purchase them.

Connector 1: IEC320 C7
Connector 2: Nema 1-15P
Rated to carry: 125V at 10A

VSEER 3FT SPT-2 18AWG 125V 10A Angled 2-Slot Non-Polarized Angle

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