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ZURU Cake Splat - Selling rankings Why take a pie the make face when can Ultra-Cheap Deals to you

ZURU Cake Splat - Why take a pie to the face when you can make a


ZURU Cake Splat - Why take a pie to the face when you can make a

Product description

Cake Splat is a simple yet hilarious board-style toy game that gathers the entire family and friends around the table to accomplish a simple task: be the last one standing with a clean face! The instructions are easy: pour some cream on top of the cake handle, throw the dice and see what number of times you'll have to spin the dial. Place your not-for-long clean face in between the Rodeo Clown guard mask, and rest your chin comfortably on the chin rest. Try not to flinch as the completely randomly activated handle threatens to splat your face with cream with every click it makes! Did you make it out clean? Then now comes the best part: pass it on to your friends as it is their turn to try and avoid making your day a lot funnier! Cake Splat is extremely family friendly and a simple yet guaranteed way of gathering toddlers, kids and even adults together for thrill and laughter. Cream, Cake or Pie not included. No Batteries needed.

From the manufacturer

ZURU Cake Splat - Why take a pie to the face when you can make a

Stats Teams Leagues Nations Awards Free Agents Draft Center Drafts
Confirmed Transfers
10/25/2021 Ryan O'Neill (F) St. Cloud Norsemen Univ. of St. Thomas
10/25/2021 Dylan Gambrell (F) San Jose Sharks Ottawa Senators
10/24/2021 Maxim Mineyev (D) HK Sochi Sokol Krasnoyarsk
10/24/2021 Tomas Vildumetz (F) Loan Draci Sumperk HC Vitkovice
10/24/2021 Grigori Zheldakov (D) Donbass Donetsk GKS Tychy
10/23/2021 Anson McMaster (D) Winnipeg Ice Victoria Royals
10/23/2021 Denis Smirnov (F) SKA-Neva St. Petersburg Kalamazoo Wings
10/23/2021 Caleb Willms (F) Medicine Hat Tigers Victoria Royals
10/23/2021 Santeri Salmela (D) Loan Ketterä KooKoo
10/23/2021 Martin Fransson (D) Loan Västerviks IK KRIF Hockey
10/23/2021 Ben Brown (F) Dundee Comets Dundee Stars
10/23/2021 Miloslav Jáchym (D) SK Kadan LHK Jestrabi Prostejov
10/23/2021 Alexei Trifonov (G) SK Kadan Unknown
10/23/2021 Dominik Gerstner (G) SK Kadan Unknown
10/23/2021 Kyle Heffernan (F) SK Kadan Unknown
10/23/2021 Pavel Kordule (F) SK Kadan Unknown
10/23/2021 Albert Michnac (F) Motor Ceske Budejovice HC Presov
10/23/2021 Joshua James Macha (F) Loan HC Olomouc Draci Sumperk
10/23/2021 Petri Priuska (F) Loan Blulu 32 Pieces Plastic Snakes 4 Inch Rain Forest Snakes Realist S-Kiekko
10/23/2021 Vladislav Vlasov (F) Yuzhny Ural Orsk Izhstal Izhevsk
10/23/2021 beiyoule Digital Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker,Blue Minnesota Wilderness Western Michigan Univ.
10/23/2021 Matt Murphy (D) Belleville Senators Unknown
10/22/2021 Zach Wilkie (D) Loan Peoria Rivermen Allen Americans
10/22/2021 Martin Has (D) Kitchener Rangers Shawinigan Cataractes
10/22/2021 Yanic Crete (F) for A20 LCD Screen Replacement Touch Digitizer Display 6.4" (Bla Saint John Sea Dogs
10/22/2021 Kasey Kulczycki (F) Birmingham Bulls Wichita Thunder
10/22/2021 Tyler Johnson (G) Syracuse Crunch Wichita Thunder
10/22/2021 Ethan Ernst (F) Kelowna Rockets Tri-City Americans
10/22/2021 Samuel Sjölund (D) Dubuque Fighting Saints Western Michigan Univ.
10/22/2021 Tyler Mosienko (F) No team Iowa Heartlanders
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